Children of Vice by J.J. McAvoy – RAVE

I love a good Mafia story, and they don’t get any better than the Ruthless People series by J.J. McAvoy. As far as I’m concerned, Liam the Mad Hatter and Bloody Mel are the King and Queen of all Irish and Italian Mafia stories in existence (that I have read).

So it should come as no surprise that once I found out a spin-off series featuring their children was coming, I went crazy with excitement! I think I literally jumped for joy.

And it lived up to my hype, people! Ethan proved to be just as brutal, bloody and ruthless as his parents. And his wife was pretty crazy too.

Children of Vice


The Story

Ethan is now the Ceann Na Conairte of the Callahan family, and at twenty eight years old, he’s proven himself to be a powerful force. He’s intelligent, in control, emotionless and brutal – everything he was taught he needed to be. Having taken over his parents position as the head of both the Italian and Irish mob’s, he is feared and respected by all his people (or so he thought). But there is something important missing in his life – a wife. Someone to stand at his side, share his bed, and nurture his dark side, but he has the perfect person in mind to fill the role.


Having spent the past seven years in jail, Ivy has earned herself the worthy title of a Psycho. There’s no person she won’t fight, she’s fierce, unafraid, and burning for revenge against the Callahans – the people she believes to be responsible for her father’s death. But with years still to serve of her twelve year sentence, payback is still a long way off, and life in general is pretty bleak. Until the day Evelyn Callahan turns up with an offer of marriage and freedom – things she cannot refuse, no matter how much she hates the Callahans.


My Thoughts

Ethan was everything I dreamed he would be. He is the perfect blend of his parents and I have no doubt they would be proud of the leader he has become. He’s ruthless, fearless, scheming, and sexy as hell. He’s always ten steps ahead of everyone – a true Puppetmaster – and I loved being inside his mind. As his relationship with Ivy heated up,  my swooning could not be contained. Especially when a certain insight into their past was revealed. When his leadership was challenged, he dealt with it as only a Callahan can… and it was glorious as it all unfolded.

Ivy is a daughter-in-law worthy of Mel and Ethan’s eldest. She’s got just enough of the crazy gene to accept her husband, his darkside and the violence that comes with him. Where a normal person would run away screaming, she simply takes it all in without flinching, then calmly walks away. Ivy was unexpected. She isn’t Mel 2.0, she is very much her own person, with her very own brand of ruthlessness, and she was a perfect partner for Ethan.

The story touched base with all the other Callahans. The cousins are all still around – some work for Ethan, some don’t – but all are loyal. His siblings however are another story. Donatella’s story is going to be explosive! (maybe literally). Wyatt? Well, it’s complicated. It will be interesting to see what path he takes in the next novel.

This story had everything I expected; action, violence, madness, murder, passion, love, steam, and twists! And a pretty high body count. I loved every minute of it.

Final Thoughts

There was a certain moment that happened in this story, which at the time didn’t seem significant. But as a sat back, a day after finishing this story, and thought back on what had happened, I realized I had missed something huge. Something I’d been hoping for the entire novel and thought I’d been cheated of.

I should have known better.

But that is something I have always loved about the Ruthless series, the characters, and this authors writing. Long after I’ve finished, I still think about them, and as it all sinks in my appreciation for it grows and grows, and makes these characters unforgettable to me.

This book ended on a Cliffhanger, and I CANNOT wait for the next book – Donatella’s story. I expect that what ever she has planned is going to cause a major upset in the Callahan family, and then there’s the non-romance she has going with Toby. The drama is going to be so juicy, my mouth is already watering!

Release Date: May 17th 2017

Goodreads Rating: 4.5 Stars

*ARC provided in exchange for honest review*

children of v


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