Game of Thrones: The Gift – RAVE

GOT: Season 5, Episode 7.

Now THIS is what I have been waiting for.

After what has been a perfectly average season up until this point (IMO), things have finally kicked off in tonight’s episode. And I am feeling positively giddy because of it!



You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, when you sense something bad is about to happen? Yeah, that’s how I felt in the first ten minutes of this latest episode. And it turns out my instincts were correct. You see, things have only gotten worse for Sansa since marrying the psycho, Ramsay. Fans of the show who took issue with last weeks episode, will not have liked seeing Sansa covered in bruises and crying, after becoming a prisoner to her husband. It seems some time has passed since the nuptials, and Sansa has become a sex-slave, locked up in her room. The only person she could ask for help was the traitor, Reek. So she did just that, begged him for help! And he agreed. It seemed Theon was still inside that mind somewhere and he set off to light her candle. Or so we thought… All Sansa’s begging did, was get an old lady skinned to death. And it was awful to see. Theon is truly lost to his tormentor, and Sansa is all alone. It’s a good thing that Stark will of iron ingrained in her DNA is starting to kick in, because she’s going to need all the guts she can get to survive Ramsay. For once, I am actually on Team Sansa. Up until now she was one of my pet peeves, but I’m rooting for her big time.


Stannis proved he isn’t a monster when he cast The Red Woman out, after suggesting he allow her to use his daughters blood for her magic. We have yet to see if that thought lingers long enough for Stannis to reconsider however, and I won’t be surprised if she ends up getting him to see things her way. Also, Stannis is determined to march on Winterfell, even though Winter is most definitely coming. So hopefully we’re in for an epic battle somewhere within the final episodes of the season.


Jon Snow made a brief appearance in the episode, as he departed on his journey to rally troops north of the wall. But trouble is brewing in the Night’s Watch. With the Lord Commander away, the brothers will play, and they had Sams Gilly in their sights tonight. After an attempt to get some “affection” from Gilly, Sam interrupts and a fight ensues. It was pretty brutal to watch poor Sam get his head beat up, but it was unexpected and awesome to have Ghost arrive and save the day. I wish we could see more of those beautiful dire-wolves. (Which raises my question from last week, what the hell is happening with Bran?!) Sam’s attempts to save his ladylove were rewarded when Gilly, quite out of the blue, took Sam’s virginity. My thoughts during this scene were, ‘what about the sacred Night’s Watch vows?!?!’. Guess we’ll see if there is any fall out from that later.

In other Night’s Watch news, sadly the eldest Targaryen, Maester Aemon, passed away. I haven’t read the books, so in my mind I had dreamed eventually he and his only last living relative Daeny, were going to be reunited one day. So I am disappointed that won’t be a reality. But at least he had a peaceful passing. A very RARE natural death.


Things continued to bore me in Dorne, where the failed attempt to retrieve Myrcella has resulted in Jaime being held by the King and Bronn nearly meeting his death. Not to mention it was all for nothing, because Myrcella is having none of it. She is determined to marry her beloved Prince and will hear nothing of returning to King’s Landing.

 290D8C0300000578-0-image-a-94_1432526821444 (1)290D8BB900000578-0-image-a-93_1432526810261

On to my most WTF moment of the show – We are taken to the cells of Dorne, where Bronn is being held prisoner, next to the Sand Snakes. Bronn is singing his little heart out one minute, and the next, one of the Sand Snake sisters is putting on a strip show. Bronn began to succumb to the slow-killing poison he had been infected with by the Snakes dagger, as she stood there and let him in on that fact. All he had to do to get the anecdote, which she held in her hand, was declare her the most beautiful woman he’d seen.

To be clear, I have no issue with nudity on this show. But what the hell was with the Sand Snake getting her tits out? What purpose did that serve? Aside from giving the male audience something to look at, I felt the whole thing was just bizarre. If it had turned out that say… the poison in her dagger was released upon the victims arousal, then I would’ve thought it cool. But that was not the case. She just wanted to get her kit off and be declared beautiful… what the f?


Now moving on to my two favourite parts in the episode!

First – Long story short, Jorah and Tyrion were sold into slavery and sent to the pits, where coincidentally Daenery’s was in attendance, alongside her betrothed. Not to let the opportunity pass him by to finally see Daeny, Jorah took matters into his own hands. Storming into the pit from behind the gate where he was being held, he swiftly took out all the slaves still standing. He then stood before Daeny and removed his helmet to reveal himself… and was swiftly ordered to be taken out of sight, by an unforgiving Daeny. But that wasn’t my favourite part.


The Gift revealed himself, and Daeny was positively shellshocked at being face to face with Tyrion Lannister. Fuck. Yes. No near misses this time! (Poor Arya).

I cannot wait to see what happens next week. What will Daeny do? Will she take his head? Afterall, his father is responsible for the death of most of her family. Or will she hear him out? What’s in store for Tyrion?! And Jorah? My head is spinning with the possibilities.


Second – In what is the worst (or best) case of Karma and what goes around, comes around, Cersei was finally forced to experience a dose of her own medicine. And it was glorious!


After trying to calm down King Tommin – who is the most powerless King in all the land – who is fuming that he can do nothing about his Queen’s imprisonment, Cersei decided to give Queen Margarey and the Sparrow a visit. Of course the visit to the cells isn’t a friendly affair, and it ends with a chamber pot of piss being thrown in her direction, care of a very rough looking Margarey.


Having thought she was in cahoots with the High Sparrow, things go south quickly when she goes to leave and he ominously asks – “What will we find when we strip away your finery?” – Cersei overlooked the fact her cousin and former lover, Lancel, knew so many of her secrets. Having reformed himself and become a devoted follower of the Faith, he came clean to the Sparrow and gave up all he knew of Cersei’s indiscretions . Cersei was taken, fighting and yelling, and tossed in a cell. Just like Margarey.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think Cersei is going to go down so easily. Although, this show is known to shock, I just don’t feel that will happen. Nevertheless, I am itching to see how her trial plays out and what exactly is to come for dear old Cersei.

I really hate Cersei, but when I think about her being killed off, it almost makes me sad. I’d hate to run out of people to hate on this show. Pffft, like that’ll ever happen.

This episode was awesome and hopefully a sign of what is to come, with only three episodes left in the series. I hate and love the fact that the series is almost over. I dread the long wait for the next season once this one ends, but I really cannot wait to see what happens next!



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