Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram – RAVE

I’ve been in a bit of a book funk for the past few days, as there isn’t anything I am looking forward to coming out until next month. So to find something of interest, I delved into a foray of genre’s I usually don’t consider, and came across this little YA beauty… and it’s my first RAVE!

Being Jamie Baker


The Story

An accident that should end in tragedy instead gives seventeen-year-old Jamie Baker a slew of uncontrollable superhuman abilities. To keep her secret safe Jamie socially exiles herself, earning the title of Rocklin High’s resident ice queen. But during a supercharged encounter with star quarterback Ryan Miller she literally kisses anonymity goodbye. Now the annoyingly irresistible Ryan will stop at nothing to melt the heart of the ice queen and find out what makes her so special. Unfortunately, Ryan is not the only person on to her secret.


Jamie was a tough nut to crack for poor old Ryan, but I liked her attitude. Sure, her mood swings were frustrating at times, and her indecision over whether or not to be with Ryan made me want to slap a bitch, but I just had to remember she was a seventeen year old, and young girls can be daft. She hadn’t had the best past year. Not only had she developed super human powers, but she’d lost the life of a loved one in the process. She had a good heart behind her bitchy persona, and that made me very sympathetic toward her.


You’ve just gotta love Ryan. The sweet, good looking, all-american, hottie of the high school, with a heart of gold. How unfair to be so perfect. His patience, understanding and persistence when it came to Jamie should have earned him a medal. First he pushed to be her friend, then he pushed to learn her secrets, then all he wanted to do was help Jamie deal… and maybe get a kiss or two at the end of it. His character made me smile and laugh and I felt he was a good balance to Jamie’s ice.

My Thoughts

This book was not what I was expecting, but I love that it surprised me. It was like a mixture of Twilight, X-Men and Wonder Woman combined, only geared toward the younger generation. Still, I got some fun out of it! Helps that I love superhero movies.

Jamie’s powers were kick-ass, and as they grew, so did my excitement. I wish she would have had more fun with what she could do though, but there is certainly room to explore that more in the next books. I thought the way she gained her powers was a terrible cliche, and I wasn’t feeling it. But this is the kind of book you just have to kind of… switch off your brain, don’t ask questions, and just accept for what it is.

The book wasn’t all fun and games however. There is mid-level violence (nothing I would blink at, but some people are squeamish), stalking, and assaults are alluded to for more than one character.

I was entertained by the story, cheesy as it was at times, and I think had this book come out in my teens, it’s the kind of thing I would have loved. It is certainly not the kind of thing everyone would enjoy, but if you like YA’s, supernatural storylines, or Twilightesque stories, you should enjoy this one.

This book is part of a three book series. While the first and second books are published, unfortunately the third book is on ‘hiatus’ until the author regains her mojo and is able to continue writing it. So there is no release date, and I have discovered book two ends on a cliffhanger. So be aware of that going forward, if you choose to read this series.

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars


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