Welcome! And an introduction to RRR.

Hello friend,

My name is Bella and this is my blog. I am a self-confessed bookaholic, and have been for a few years now. In that time reading has become my greatest passion and favourite pastime. There is nothing that excites me more than getting my hands on a promising new book – except for expressing my thoughts once I’ve finished!

It is because of that fact I have decided to start this blog. I haven’t done this before, but posting reviews on my most frequented, holy-grail website – Goodreads – is something I do often. This site will be a place for me to share those reviews, as well as my thoughts on the occasional TV show or movie I find the time to watch.

Interacting with fellow book lovers, TV, and film enthusiasts is something I hope to do on here – especially if you have read or seen something I have posted about. But I am also keen to see other people’s recommendations, so I urge you to share if you have something to rave about. Or if you have something to rant about, lets rant together!

And speaking of rants and raves… The things I read or see often provoke a strong reaction in me, and my reviews can sometimes become a little more animated (and a little less structured). I can’t help but rant about something I don’t like, just as I can’t help but rave about something that I adore. So all of my reviews will come with a Rant or Rave rating and forewarning. I apologize in advance for the cursing that will inevitably accompany the rants.

I hope in time to gain a number of new friends on here that I can share with, debate with, love and loathe with, sympathize with, get excited, get angry and dream with, rant and rave with and just generally get to know online.

Welcome to Rant or Rave Reviews and thanks for checking it out!

Bella – RRR



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